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Spring Cleaning

As the days grow longer and Britain begins to thaw, the annual spring clean is beginning to cross people’s minds. While a chore, we at Washforce are here to help, offering an expanse of expertise across window cleaning, gutter clearance and pressure washing that will address those niggling concerns you’ve had (but may not have acted upon) over the winter months.
However, have you ever thought about where the tradition of Spring Cleaning actually came from? We did a little bit of research up at our head office and uncovered spring cleaning’s exotic past… 

The origins of spring cleaning date back to The Iranian New Year, Nowruz, whose literally translation from Farsi as New Day, falls on the first day of Spring. To this very day, Iranians continue the age-old practice of Khooneh Tekouni otherwise known as shaking the house just before the New Year.
However…they’re not the only ones that lay claim to the ancient springtime tradition. 

Some claim the custom of spring cleaning in fact can be traced back to the Jewish festival of Passover…where Jews are not only forbidden to eat leavened foodstuff during the festival (known as chametz), but likewise are expressly commanded to rid their homes of chametz crumbs on the evening before the holiday begins midway through the Spring season. 

Scots and those of Scottish origin argue that the tradition in fact lays its roots in Hogmanay’s  customary New Year Clean.
Regardless of its origin, the custom quickly took root in Europe and America, whose continental climates meant the timing of the spring clean had immense practical value…being the first time since the winter that it was warm enough for homeowners to open their windows to dust without letting in insect, while high winds allowed the dust to be carried out at the same time…a god send before the birth of vacuum cleaners! 

A tradition that claims origin in 3 continents and numerous cultures, spring cleaning therefore has an illustrious history that not many would know about…even at Washforce we certainly can’t be said to be experts in its true source! However, while our history may be a little rusty, the same can’t be said for our cutting edge wash service, which use the latest technology and equipment! From gutter clearance to window cleaning and pressure washing, we’ll help you out the old and bring in the new spring with home exteriors that shine! ​